If you can think of a sticker we can print it. The hardest part is generally getting you to be able to communiate your design idea with us. Luckily for both us we have been doing this for a long time and have learned what clients like. If you are confused about the different sticker styles, please reach out to us.  

Transfer Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers

Clear Stickers

Square Stickers

Circle Stickers

Rounded Square Stickers

Oval Stickers

Rectangle Stickers

If you are having trouble deciding what kind of sticker you are looking for just reach out. At Sticker Pack we have years of experience matching up client needs and demands with materials.
Certain situations require different materials and styles. Weather and what it’s going to be attached to are two of the biggest things. If your sticker is going to be outside in direct sunlight for 300+ days a year (like in Lake Tahoe) then you are going to need materials that will hold up. Adding a laminate can double the length of time that a sticker will last for in the sun from 3 years to 6. From experience, we can assemble a Sticker Pack that will meet your needs.
Putting together the right sticker pack for the client is important. If it’s done correctly then stickers that promote your brand and idea will be placed appropriately. They will hold up for the proper duration and serve as great advertisements and promotions. If you need help identifying what should go where all you need to do is reach out.