Believe in Sarah!

This is just a handful of the thousands of stickers we donated to Sarah Burke and her beautiful family to help offset her medical bills and related expenses.

“A year ago in January I sat next to Danny for 33 days in the hospital hoping that he would get better. This January, we celebrated his return to snow and today we released his movie, “Moving Forward.” For the past couple of weeks we’ve been sitting behind the computer editing his movie and I couldn’t help, but to be brought back to the hospital sitting by Danny’s side every day as we worked on the video. When I heard about Sarah’s injury, my heart nearly broke through my chest as it swelled with emotion. Reliving those long days and endless nights in the hospital, as I thought about her every day, reminded me of the fragility of life.

When I posted Danny’s video to my facebook wall this morning, I wanted it to bring hope to everyone who was thinking about Sarah. Danny certainly gave me hope, but I knew deep down that not everyone recovers as well as Danny has.

Sarah was a true pioneer for this sport that I am so incredibly passionate about. I owe a lot to her as she helped pave the way for so many more and me. Who knows if I would have had all of these amazing opportunities if it weren’t for Sarah. She was driven, enthusiastic, strong willed, a hard worker, and my hero.

In memory of Sarah and as a small thanks to how she has inspired me I came up with an idea to sell stickers to help raise money for her fund. Sticker Pack has generously donated thousands of stickers. Kaya Turski created the sticker design. ALL of the proceeds made from these stickers will go to Sarah’s outstanding medical costs and related expenses through her husband, Rory Bushfield.

With the momentum that we have gained from the release of Danny’s movie and the similarities of Sarah’s injury to Danny’s, Shreddy Times has been kind enough to set up an online store. Each sticker cost $5.00. The price of the envelope and stamp comes to 47 cents. Each sticker bought will donate $4.53 to Sarah’s fund.

Thank you very much for your generous donation. My thoughts are continuously with Rory and Sarah’s family.
Michelle Parker”